Shrink-Wrapped Kitten Gets Loving Home

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Back in December, Life With Cats told you about Joey the kitten, who was saved by an alert UPS driver after he noticed a kitten shrink-wrapped to the top of a package stacked in the back of his truck. Joey had been shipped from Chicago to Memphis before he was rescued.

Now he has a new name, Shrink, and a new family, who adopted him and shared these photos with WREG of Memphis.

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The kitten had been trapped for four days, according to the report on News Channel 3, WREG. “He was flattened with his legs splayed out to the side and his head up. He couldn’t move his legs,” said Dr. Caroline McCutcheon of Park Avenue Animal Hospital in Memphis. “He’s a tough little guy,” said McCutcheon.

“He was probably a warehouse kitten who got caught up in the machinery”, said McCutcheon. “I don’t think this was malicious. It was just an accident. Nobody knew he was in there.”

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Shrink had trouble walking, but quickly recovered. The staff at the hospital became very fond of him. “We’re going to be very particular about Joey,” and who adopts him, said McCutcheon.

Shrink the warehouse kitten is doing great after being delivered into the arms of a loving family.

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