Seth MacFarlane Honors Mother With Perry’s Place Animal Sanctuary

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and Heaven on Earth Society for Animals are teaming up to create Perry’s Place animal sanctuary to honor Anne Perry MacFarlane and her commitment to helping animals.

Perry’s t-shirt reads: I don’t have a short attention span, I just … Oh, look, a kitty!

Seth MacFarlane and Los Angeles based non-profit  Heaven on Earth Society for Animals announced on Saturday the creation of Perry’s Place-The Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary at Heaven on Earth. Seth’s mother Anne Perry MacFarlane, known as Perry, who passed away on July 16 of last year was devoted to helping animals, and the sanctuary is being established to honor her memory and carry on her work.

Heaven on Earth describes itself as “one of the only shelters in the Los Angeles area that specializes in cats with a lower potential for adoption, including those that are elderly, FIV+ and behaviorally or physically challenged. The organization’s mission is to improve quality of life for homeless animals, especially those who are often overlooked because of special needs. Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, founded in 2000, operates a cage-free, no-kill sanctuary located in Van Nuys, CA.”

The official statement released Saturday says, in part:

“Perry, as she was known, was a lifelong animal lover and a tireless rescuer. Over the course of her life, she cared for all manner of wild and domestic animals, ones that no one else would help. On the year anniversary of Perry’s death, Seth MacFarlane and Heaven on Earth Society for Animals announce the establishment of Perry’s Place—The Perry MacFarlane Sanctuary at Heaven on Earth.

According to Heaven on Earth Founder Eri Kriteman, “This gift will at last enable our organization to purchase our own sanctuary property. And there’s so much more we can do if we can put down roots.” What separates Heaven on Earth from other rescues is a commitment to cats that are often overlooked for adoption due to special needs.

Heaven on Earth Board President Ritchie Geisel says, “MacFarlane’s generosity will not only allow us to purchase and build a new sanctuary and adoption center, it will allow us to continue our lifesaving work as Perry’s special legacy.”


Heaven on Earth is accepting donations for the new sanctuary at the Causes page Help Build Perry’s Place: An Animal Sanctuary.

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  1. I have five cats and four dogs. They are my beloved children, and animal abuse, whether real or fictitious, horrifies me. And that show is a cartoon, on during “family hour.” What kind of message does this send to kids watching — that animals getting hurt is funny? There are some things that should NEVER be presented as entertainment, and animals being hurt is at the top of the list, next to child abuse.

  2. Look I’m sorry it upset you but it’s a cartoon. It’s not real. Learn to take a joke

  3. im a cat lover big time…more than most…all animals really…but i suggest if you dont see the humor in the context it was meant and it disturbs you..then perhaps you should move away from Seth mcfarlanes material…his humor is off-color, and it takes a little bit of twisted humor to get it…if you arent that way…you should cease watching

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