8 Year Old Dylan Raises Money For Clover, Kitten Thrown From Car

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8 year old Dylan Darrenogue was deeply touched by a news story on Clover, an abused kitten in the care of K. A. Animal Rescue in Dayton NV, so he decided to do something to help.

K.A. (Kukuis Alii) Animal Shelter has been caring for little Clover kitten since shortly after he was thrown from a moving car going about 65 MPH.  Clover sustained brain trauma, with vision and hearing loss, and a broken leg.  Despite his ordeal, Clover is described as being very loving and affectionate and  K. A. is seeking a good home for him, but says that if the kitten does not find a home they will try to arrange transport so he can go to live at Blind Cat Rescue, in NC.

Dylan learned about Clover from a news broadcast on KOLO TV and became concerned for the injured little kitten and upset that someone would cause him such harm. In his own words, “I went to my room and cried for about a half hour. I was devastated. I would never do that to a kitten.”

The animal shelter asked for donations to help with Clover’s care so Dylan set up a lemonade stand in front of Olivia’s Ice Cream Shop in Reno last Saturday, where he made $300. The ice cream shop will continue to accept donations through the end of this week, and Dylan and his family will take the money to Dayton and present it to the shelter on Saturday.

Dylan had not expected to actually meet Clover but word got out and K. A. heard about his big heart and his fundraiser so they brought Clover to the lemonade stand to meet the boy who had been so touched by the little cat’s story.

As with so many cases, a good Samaritan  came to the rescue and brought Clover for help at the time of the incident. A witness driving on US 395 saw someone reach out and toss something thought to be a bag from a maroon Ford Explorer and pulled over, finding the week old kitten instead and seeing that he got help.

Clover on his trip to the ice cream stand, where he and Dylan met and the boy got to cuddle the kitten who touched his heart.


An earlier photo showing Clover and his injuries, after the incident.

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  1. I saw that story on the news earlier today and promptly donated to the veterinary clinic. That poor little kitty. 🙁 🙁

  2. I hope they find whoever did this to Clover. Monsters like that don’t deserve to breathe!

  3. All praise to Dylan for his caring nature. This is just the kind of kid I love to see get some news coverage!

  4. Thank you Dylan. You are such a kind and caring boy. I am sure Clover and everyone else appreciates so much what you have done. I’m betting you will grow up to be an exceptional young man.

  5. We need more children like Dylan, and more parents like his, in the world. You are all wonderful. Thank God for people like you.

  6. A boy with a golden heart! Really amazing! Proud of you, Dylan! God bless you for caring for these little ones!

  7. Gotta love the combination of heart + action. This combo marks any fantastic and world-changing person in motion, such as 8-yr-old Dylan.

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t change the world.

    You can do it!

    Let’s go! <3

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