Rescuer’s Worst Nightmare


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By Karen Harrison Binette


Well known cat-guy and rescuer Al Chernoff is in a desperate search for a cat he lovingly rehabilitated after saving her from a colony. Now she is missing after being dumped by the people he trusted to give her a good home. All he wants is to find this poor cat who has been abandoned after learning to trust that she would be given love and proper care.

Honey is missing in an area outside of Philadelphia, PA and Al would appreciate any help in finding her.

Guest post by Lillian Szilagy:

The life of an animal rescuer involves donating your time and energy rescuing animals in need. Taking the time to get them healthy again and trusting of humans so they can be adopted into a loving home or if you have space, your own home.

Now imagine not two months after that animal is adopted do you find out the new owners decided the animal should be outside again and they dump them!

This is the nightmare a Philadelphia rescuer Al Chernoff is going through tonight and this is Honey’s Story.

Honey was found in an outside feral cat colony in Philadelphia that is regularly fed and taken care of by rescuer Al Chernoff. All the cats in the colony are vetted and fixed and sometimes, if they are friendly enough, they are brought inside to be rehabilitated and adopted if possible. Sometimes the cat is sick so is brought inside to be vetted and taken care of for as long as is needed.

When Honey showed up at the colony, Al new she was different.


Those golden yellow eyes and grumpy cats face along with an adorable and friendly personality made Honey a prime candidate to be brought inside to be socialized.


So Al made the decision to bring this fluffy lady inside and the work began.

Firstly, Honey needed a good brushing!


Under all that winter fluff was the most amazing cat who just got prettier by the minute:)


And then Honey’s spirit and beauty flourished.


Indoor life suited her!


And this once abandoned cat became the happiest kitty in the world…atleast that is what Al thought….


And then the most amazing thing happened…



A love affair began and Al wanted to see if he could integrate Honey into his home. Sadly, Honey seemed to want to be the only Diva in the castle and Al made the decision that he will try and find her a special home.

When an adopter connected with him and said she would give Honey the diva home she deserves where she can be the queen of her castle, Al agreed.

After proper screening questions and a contract signed saying Honey would never again be an outdoor kitty and returned to Al if the adopter couldn’t take care of her, Honey went off to her new forever home.


2 months later, Al learned some heartbreaking information that every rescuer dreads.

Honey’s new owner decided she would now be an outside cat 2 months after the adoption and Honey is now gone!!! Lost from 1100 block of Tribbett Ave in Sharon Hill PA.


[A search update from Al read:] “Another sad day looking for Honey. I found cats and a feeding area. Handed out more flyers. Talked to a guy whose grandmother may of seen her. I’ve been so very sad and sick over this. If I never find her. Will I ever smile again. Will I ever not be sad. Will I ever be able to rescue or adopt another cat. This is a very dark time for me.”

If you are reading this and live near the area, please look for this lady. It just seems so terribly sad to think Honey thinks she was abandoned when she is loved. Let us find Honey and she can find a way of staying with Al forever….never to be abandoned again.



Once Al has you in his arms again sweet Honey he will never let you go…His heart can’t take it!


You can connect with Al on Facebook at : Al Chernoff “Alley Cat”, his public page, or at his personal profile Al Chernoff.


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  1. Am praying for Honey and for you, Al….. The same thing happened to me twice; once the gorgeous Himalayan died 2 days after all the promises, the second one (all same promises), he disappeared, the special kitty who had chosen ME, and I couldn’t keep all of them…. Thank God 3 families called me and brought back two of them; the Maine Coon mix came back twice; he didn’t want to be a dog toy!(thought you could use a good laugh…). So I just kept those last two, and the next two, etc. Had 7 indoor cats eventually, but am down to 4 – by attrition, no longer by adoption….

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