Police officer saves the life of a cat thrown from a van

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By Karen Harrison Binette


A cat thrown from a car was rescued twice, with help from a good Samaritan, a police officer, and the officer’s veterinarian father.

Witnesses saw 65 year old Linda Breeze brave traffic on a Roseville, Minnesota street to rescue the kitty after she’d been thrown from the window of a blue van last Saturday, around noontime.

Police officer Jason Gehrman rushed the injured cat to U of M Veterinary Medical Center in St. Paul. Kitty had suffered three broken bones in her rear right leg, had several cracked teeth, and skin had been torn off her paws and tail as she hit the pavement.

The U of M vets were able to stabilize kitty’s condition but, since she did not have a known owner, were not authorized to give her further care and would have to euthanize her as a result.

Officer Gehrman than called in a favor from his dad, a veterinarian who operates Gehrman Animal Hospital in Minnetonka.

Dr. Bob Gehrman agreed to help the injured kitty and her life was spared.

“My son had given thought to becoming a veterinarian at one time. He loves animals,” Dr. Gehrman told KMSP Fox9 News.

Kitty underwent a two hour surgery Monday and is recovering at the vet’s.

She will have somewhere to go when she is healed: Officer Gehrman plans to adopt her.

Roseville police said the incident qualifies as felony level animal cruelty case but did not have any suspects Monday and were still looking for information on the blue van. They are asking for the public’s help in identifying the person or people who threw kitty onto the street from the moving vehicle.

Gehrman Animal Hospitalwrote at Facebook Tuesday: “Jason Gehrman, son of Dr. Bob Gehrman received the call to help rescue this stray cat that was thrown out the window of a moving vehicle . It is now being cared for and treated for its severe traumatic injuries here at Gehrman Animal Hospital.”

KMSP Fox9 News covered the story in this video report:


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