Photos: Tightly Wedged Kittens Rescued From Car Engine

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By Karen Harrison Binette

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The Humane Society of Tampa Bay Florida rescued two kittens today who were tightly jammed into a car engine, both in very precarious positions. The society took a great set of photos documenting the rescue, posting them and the story at their Humane Society of Tampa Facebook page.

The Humane Society tells the story:

“This morning we received a frantic call from a lady who said she heard a kitten crying in her engine. After calling everyone else she could think of and getting no help, she called us. We immediately sent a team to the location to assess the situation and found that a kitten had gotten her head wedged in the A-frame of the lady’s Scion.

“It took the efforts of four people and some Palmolive to free her and in the process, we found her brother stuck inside the engine with a mangled foot.

“The mother, a feral whom the kind neighbor had been caring for, was beside herself crying for her babies.

“You will all be happy to know that the babies are now safe and will recover in a foster home until they are ready for adoption.

“We are working with the neighbor to humanely trap the mother who will be spayed and vaccinated in our TNVR program. She will then be returned to this wonderful citizen who will continue to care for her.

“As the weather gets cooler during the evenings, cats and kittens may crawl into your engines to keep warm. Simply banging on your car’s hood every morning can help save a life, the cats will normally jump out. If you do hear an animal crying in your engine and can’t get them out by banging, please DO NOT START THE ENGINE! ” Call the fire or police department, or another rescue group in your area to come help you.

“Every Life Counts.”

As we approached the vehicle we could see the momma cat sitting close to her baby, crying for her and protecting her from us, whom she at first perceived as a threat. Feral cats are not socialized to people and will flee from strangers, but she stayed near her baby.


HSTB staff member, Lisa Knight, supports the kitten’s body weight with her hand to protect her from hanging herself while we waited for a jack to arrive to raise the car.


Once the car was raised, we propped kitty up on a box of drill bits so that she could support herself. … Ahhhh. Now she feels a little more comfortable.


Exhausted from her struggle she begins to fall asleep.


We were unable to free her without hurting her head so we drenched her in Palmolive and were able to slip her out.


A view of the hole where kitty’s head was stuck.


Little brother, Scion (named for the black Scion where he got into trouble) had to have a toe amputated but is recovering comfortably.
Scion and Sherrill (named for the street where the rescue took place) rest comfortably after a long and tiring day! Rest well, little ones ♥



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