Photographer Captures Haunting Images of the Street Cats of Riga

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By Adrea

Look Into Abandoned Cat’s Eyes: Photographer From Riga Captured Homeless Cats Around The City

There is something equally beautiful and sad about the story that can be gleaned from one of Andris Andrejuks. While the photographer does not work in that capacity every day, his love for nature and animals finds him taking pictures in his spare time.

“After the summer season the cats and dogs owners just leave pets, not thinking about their fate and the upcoming winter, for the majority of abandoned pets, it turns out to be their last month of life,” said Andris describing the photo shoot to Cat Care Community, a rescue organization in Riga, Latvia.

It is Andris’ hope that anyone who sees his photographs will think more about pets and raise awareness for the street cats of Riga.








To see more of his stunning collection, please visit his Facebook page.

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