Phoebie Now Walking Tall After Being Born With Crooked Legs

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By Adrea

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One needs only look at that adorable face to see that Phoebie is something special. She was also a special needs kitty. Born with front legs that bent at 90-degree angles, so much so that she had to crawl on her elbows.


A woman had seen Phoebie on the Internet and concerned for her and her health, she took the 5 week old to Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Orphan Kittens Montreal),in Montreal, Canada, that specializes in kittens.

Placed with a foster family, the veterinarian who was overseeing her felt she was too small for surgery, so placed splints on her legs as she continued to grow.  Five weeks later, her splints came off and her legs were almost perfectly straight.  As her muscles were atrophied in her front legs, she had a challenge, but she was up to it and at 10 weeks, she was the epitome of a happy, energetic, playful kitten.


And now Phoebie is paying it forward by socializing a kitten recovering from frostbitten paws. She has also found a family and will soon be going home to her forever family. A wonderful ending for this very special little girl.

Phoebie with her young ward. (All photos: Chatons Orphelins Montréal)

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  1. Way to go Montreal.There are
    Good things in life and no room for negative.Ya’ll just made my day for taking the time to share the Little spark of caring,into a full grown heart with goal.May God bless you.
    Hey I have one,.
    What is the difference between a “Snowman” and a “Snowwoman”?…….

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