One “Cat”astic Meal


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By Adrea

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Everybody needs to eat, right? Typically, we do so for nutrition. Sometimes eating comes at the expense of being social or business. For the most part, it is fairly pedestrian, but when food can be tasty and entertaining, seems like a complete win-win.  Well, it not, perhaps it is a bit amusing.  Here are some different kinds of cat food we are pretty certain your pet won’t appreciate, but you may get a kick out.  Here come the courses!

Let’s start with some soup:

cat food 3

Then salad.  Okay, couldn’t really find any salad, so here is a cat’s commentary on salad.

cat salad 2

How about a delicious  sandwich?

cat food 15

Naturally you need to leave room for dessert?

cat food 11

Or perhaps you would prefer a cheese course?

cat food 12

Or donuts and a nice cut of coffee. Yum.

cat food 2

cat food

Now that was one “cat”astic meal, don’t you agree?






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  1. My sweet Vinnie, (Vincenzo Salvatore de Scallopini – obvi an Italian cat… look at his handsome mustache) was eagerly waiting the next course, which was his most favorite dish in the world, spaghetti!!!
    He’s gone now, but never forgotten! ?

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