Of Cats and Men — Pictures to Cuddle Up With

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By Adrea

hot dudes with cats 3
Photo: HotDudesWithKittens

Inspired by the love for and following a beloved cat’s passing, a college student is credited with starting the HotDudesWithKittens page.  Talking with Pet360, the founder of this fun site that makes good looking men even cuter when they are with an adorable cat, couldn’t believe how this Instagram page has blown up. With more than 76K following and rising, both the famous and not-so-famous are being seen with their feline friends.

hot dudes with cats 2
Photo: HotDudesWithKittens


hot dudes with cats 1
Photo: HotDudesWithKittens

There is a little something for everyone.  Black. White. Mixed. Siamese, you name it.  And that’s not even taking into account all the different guys.

hot dudes with cats 8
Photo: HotDudesWithKittens
hot dudes with cats 6
Photo: HotDudesWithKittens

So when you need a break during the day, this makes for a nice way to spend it.  Afterall, who doesn’t love cats?  And who doesn’t love good looking cats with guys they make look better by sharing the photo frame? Seems like coffee break time, to me.

hot dudes with cats 5
Photo: HotDudesWithKittens


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