“I Want A Cat!” and What To Do When You Can’t Have One

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By Adrea

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It can be a difficult thing when you really, REALLY, want a cat and can’t have one.  There are any number of reasons why this can’t or won’t happen.  First, it could be where you live.  If you rent the landlords may not be cat-friendly or, if you have roommates, they may not be cat-friendly.  Or both.  Could be that you are allergic and as much as you love them, you can’t afford to spend the rest of your days blown up like a balloon. You may already have too many, or what other people may constitute as too many, animals, and therefore are held to a specified limit.  Maybe you have a tendency to be nomadic and, not ever being quite sure where you will land (and hopefully it will be on your feet), don’t feel in a position to be responsible for a fellow being.  Possibly you have just lost a beloved feline family member and aren’t over your well-place grief enough to look for another without having some guilt. Whatever the case, it can be a bit disheartening.  But fear not, here are some ideas to help fill that kitty hole in your soul.

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Cat Cafes – What a nice way to visit, pet, and love some cats, all while enjoying coffee, tea, and any variety of goodies.  While you may have to be asked to leave, at least you know you can come back whenever you want and need a cat fix.

Cat Rescue or Shelter Volunteer – Donate some time to help four-legged sweeties find their forever homes.  Organizations are always looking for help and though it may not be glamorous, cleaning litter boxes comes immediately to mind, it is a much-needed and appreciated duty from which everyone will benefit.  The cats will get some love, have clean places to eat, sleep, and pray, and you will get well-deserved, and rewarded, kitty time.

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Join a Feral Cat Group – Organizations that work with feral cat colonies, including making sure they are spayed and neutered, healthy, and fed, are always looking for people to volunteer their time. Check your local area for information and ways that you can help.

Be a Cat Lobbyist – Well placed passion can go far when helping support animal rights.  Considering the massive implications of some legislation such as puppy mills and declawing of cats on both local and national levels, getting involved on a grass roots level may be the answer.  Volunteers are at the heart of many of these causes.  Check with your local shelters and rescues to find ways to help.  From stuffing envelopes to letter writing campaigns, it does make a difference.

Cat Sitting – Post your availability and interest to be a cat sitter.  Let your friends and neighbors know you are happy to watch them when they are away for a weekend, on holiday, or if they need someone to check in on them. 

Cat Groomer – While there may not be a lot of places at which to learn and ply this particular trade, they are around.  If you have a calm nature and want to make cats look their very best, this might be a great option and could turn from avocation to profession.

Cat Trainer – As odd as it seems, there are people who do train cats and do it quite well.  That’s not to say that you need to put together and go on the road with your troupe of feline troubadours, but studying about and then applying those learned skills could be a lot of fun.  It may well be a service, too, that people would look for if they knew you were around.

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Cats at Work – While businesses may be more frequently known for allowing dogs in the workplace, cats, too, have made a mark.  Many companies keep them for their stress-reducing influences as much as anything else.  Do a little research and see if this might be an option for you.  Perhaps suggesting a cat café on the premises?

While these are just a few of the ways you can enjoy the company of a cat, even if for a brief moment, hopefully it will give you some good ideas.  Afterall, everyone deserves a little kitty time now and again.


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