Newborn kittens abandoned without their mother in dumpster are rescued


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By Karen Harrison Binette


A litter of newborn kittens found taped into a box in a dumpster were rescued moments before they’d have been crushed by a trash compacter.

Someone appears to have discarded the kittens in the holding skip like rubbish, but 3 of the 5 babies sealed into the box were saved when a man heard their cries and rescued them.

The kittens were found in Kembrey Park, Swindon, UK and are now in the care of  Penfold’s Rescue.

Penfold’s Rescue posted a photo of the surviving kittens with a poignant message told from their perspective at Facebook on October 8, writing:


We was found yesterday morning in a sealed box in a skip which was about to be crushed. Thankfully they heard us crying, inside the box and we was saved. Sadly, there was five kittens in the box, only these three was still alive.

We was left for dead, we was taken away from our mummy as soon as she gave birth to us, she wasn’t even aloud to clean us so we was still very dirty.

We need to find the horrible person who did this to us, so we can make sure our mummy is still healthy, and she can help us to become healthy kittens! Being separated from our mummy can cause us and our mummy lasting effects. With your help, we are hoping we can find her!

Please share everywhere, and let’s help our mummy come back.

If your able to donate, it’d be much appreciated by us all as we know the rescue has had quite a few emergencies recently which has drained all there funding. Donations can be made by paypal: [email protected] or by bank transfer.

The kittens are doing well in foster care with a fostering mama cat named Daisy, who is caring for the trio along with her own baby.

The Western Daily Press covered the story on October 20, giving more detail on the rescue and speaking with Luke Bartley from Penfold’s Rescue :

“This man heard wailing coming from inside the box, I think he had quite a shock when they found them,” Luke told the Western Daily Press.

“The box was literally about to be crushed so they were saved in the nick of time.

“It’s clear they were taken from their mother straight after they were born, they were still covered in fluid and not been cleaned.

“They were very cold, and terrified of everything when we got them – usually their mother would be constantly by their side.”

Mel Hickey attended to the rescue with Luke and said: “They were completely listless and cold. We didn’t know if they would make it.”

Luke and Mel would like to find the abandoned kittens’ mother, who may be in need of veterinary care, and who they’d like to see reunited with her babies.

They would also like to identify and find the person responsible for dumping the kittens.

Penfold’s Rescue is a small organization which, like so many others, does the day-to-day work of rescuing animals and operates on a shoestring and in need of donations in order to continue their work.


The three kittens left for dead in a industrial estates skip have made an appearance in The Sun today. We're so confident they will all find loving forever homes when they are old enough! Posted by Penfold's Rescue on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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