Mr. Lee’s Cat Cam Documentary


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By Karen Harrison Binette

A 16 minute documentary gives a fascinating look at the inspiration for cat cam and what the camera revealed about the life of a cat.

Mr. Lee wandered into the lives of Jurgen Perthold and his family when they moved into a new home and he decided to join them. The cat’s frequent disappearances hinted at a secret or double life, and inspired Jurgen to invent the cat cam in order to understand what went on during Mr. Lee’s travels. Mr. Lee and the cat cam have been well known since at least 2007.

A new documentary making the rounds at film festivals won the short doc jury prize at sxsw and is currently available for viewing at the Tribeca Online Film Festival.

Click the link on the title below to go to the Tribeca Online Film Festival site and view the full 16 minute documentary. You’ll need to register with an email address and password. You can vote for Cat Cam in an online vote after viewing the film, if you choose.



Note: We’ve been told the film is not available for viewing out of the US. Let us know if you’re outside of the US and were able to see it. Sorry, and thanks.


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