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By Karen Harrison Binette


George the cat (with owner by Mila Rusafova pictured) was rescued after darting onto the A/C/E/ subway tracks at canal Street on July 22, 2015. Photo credit submitted by Mila Rusafova/ NY Post
George and Mila Rusafova.  Photo,  Mila Rusafova via NY Post.


Raw video from the scene shows the moment police officers rescued George the cat from a track bed on a NYC subway line early Wednesday evening and handed him back to his petmom, Mila Rusafova.

George got out of his carrier at the Canal Street subway platform and jumped down into the track bed, where he was dangerously lose to the electrified track.

The MTA shut off the power to the tracks and suspended service on both uptown and downtown C and E trains, resulting in delays for somewhere between 80 and 100 or more trains during the late afternoon/early evening rush hour.

See our post from Thursday, Cat on NYC subway tracks causes major delays during Wednesday rush hour, for more details and the MTA New York City Transit department’s account of the story.

Watch as George is rescued:

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