Montgomery County SPCA Desperate For Hoarding Situation Help

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The Montgomery County SPCA, NY, is dealing with a 40+ cat hoarding situation in Florida, NY.  The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is working to learn more about the horrendous conditions in which the animals were living.

News 10 reported Shelter Manager, Antonio Baker had never seen a such tragic conditions in the home of a middle-aged man keeping dozens of cats in a home that didn’t even have running water.  Baker stated he saw piles of trash and layers of newspapers across the filthy floor.  No cat food was in sight, but there was a pile of pasta in the corner of a counter.  Despite the look of things, Baker indicated the man seemed to love his cats as all were de-wormed and vaccinated.

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No word has come down from the Sherrif’s Office yet as to whether the man will face chargers, however, the Montgomery County SPCA is seeking donations to help cover the medical costs for the cats which could run between $100 and $400 each.  While 13 cats have been removed, so far, the remainder of the cats will be collected through the weekend and available for adoption in about a month’s time.

For additional information, please visit the Montgomery County SPCA website.


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