Mittens: ASPCA Cat Of The Year


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Mittens, several months after the attack, mostly healed.

A Baltimore MD cat who made headlines in January of this year has been named the ASPCA’s Cat of the Year. Mittens was placed in a milk crate, doused with lighter fluid and set on fire by two 17 year olds. She got out of the box and ran around until the flames went out, then returned to the house where her abusers were, because her kittens were also there. She walked toward the source of her torment so she could continue to nurse and tend to the kittens. Mittens received severe 3rd and 4th degree burns from the horrific incident. Fortunately, someone called the police, and she and her kittens were taken into the care of BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter). Mittens recovered and now has a good home with Cindy Wright.

The dedicated Mama cat became a symbol and rallying figure in helping to institute stronger animal abuse laws in Maryland. Baltimore lawyer Caroline Griffin is also being honored by the ASPCA for her instrumental work in getting animals greater protection under the law in Maryland. Caroline is closely associated with the notorious case of Phoenix, the West Baltimore pit bull who was doused with gasoline and lit on fire in 2009. She is the recipient of the ASPCA’s Presidential Service Award, and is chairman of Baltimore’s Anti Animal Abuse Commission.

Readers may recall our Tough Yet Tender post from earlier this week, featuring superb photos of professional fighter and cat lover John Rallo, a resident of Baltimore and participant in a campaign to discourage young people from committing such acts; which are, sadly all to common in the Baltimore area. Baltimore has set itself apart from many places with such problems by attempting to address the matter.

This video was made shortly after the incident, when Mittens and her kittens were still in the care of BARCS.

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5 thoughts on “Mittens: ASPCA Cat Of The Year”

  1. I am sure that two 17 year olds will only be lightly punished by some bleeding heart judge! I just don’t know why we in U.S. don’t have better laws to protect animals from criminals. I am glad she is healed and has a new home. I hope her kittens also get good homes and I really hope that those two 17 year olds burn in their afterlives!

  2. Oh, this is so inspiring. I understand that Mittens was voted the ASPCA’s “Cat of Year”. Bless her sweet heart and God bless all the kind and loving people who came to her aid and helped h er recover from her horrible burns.

    I ask….What human mother could endure the horrific painful torture poor Mittens suffered through and STILL be that concerned and dedicated that she would ignore her own pain and suffering so she could return and care for her young kitttens? We have young mothers who suffocate, abandon and do horrible things to their own infants.

    What is wrong with humanity that so many could have so little regard for life?

    May God have mercy on us and touch more human hearts that they will become involved in the lives of children and show them love and care. Our children are our future. The children who hurt Mittens need the intervention of loving adults to help them on the right path. Of course they should be given punishment for their act but they should also be shown that people care enough about them to want them to do the right thing!

    God bless you sweet Mittens and all the kind people who reverence ALL life!

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