Missing cat catches train back home

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Kelly McDonald holds Charlie


A 13 year old cat who’d been missing for two weeks took the train back home and got off at the right stop.

Charlie disappeared from his home in Accrington, UK a couple of weeks ago and rode a busy commuter train back to his stop on Monday.

Rail staff believe the cat boarded the train in Colne and rode for a half-hour, past seven stops, until reaching Accrington and getting off at the stop.

Charlie didn’t get the chance to head straight home, though, as a passenger called a rescue center to report the unusual commuter.

Andy Richards from East Lancashire Cats was stunned to get the call and told the Lancashire Telegraph: “A friend of mine got off the train and rang me to say she had just seen a cat get off it.

“I couldn’t believe it but I went to have a look and sure enough he was just sat there on the platform.

“The train staff think he got on at Colne because the doors are open for a long time there.

“We took Charlie in and he turned out to be microchipped, which is very rare for a stray cat, and when we checked it suggested he belonged to an address in Warrington, but when I rang the phone number it said it was out of service.

“I then posted a photo on Facebook and amazingly a friend from the centre who re-homed Charlie recognised him and put me in touch with the owner.

“It was an amazing piece of luck to finish an incredible story. It’s bizarre. I’ve never heard of anything like it.

“I just don’t know how he knew to get off at Accrington. They say cats have an amazing homing sense but I’ve never known this before.”

Petmom Kinder Kaur told the Telegraph she and her family moved to Accrington earlier this year and this was Charlie’s second time wandering off since the move.

She said: “He went missing a few weeks before this, but he was in the gardens of the nursing home down the road.

“This time he had been gone for a while. We had tried the rescue centres and the RSPCA but we heard nothing.

“We were starting to think he might be something of a wanderer, but it’s unbelievable to think he might have gone so far.

“He’s a friendly cat. He’s very laid back.

“We’ve got another cat called Billy so we were thinking maybe he didn’t like sharing the attention, but he’s settled back home fine.

“Maybe he just wanted a holiday, or was having a mid-life crisis. He just wants to see more of the world.

“We’re so happy to have him back. My 14-year-old daughter Kelly is very happy.

“Charlie was quite a big cat anyway. He’s lost a little bit of weight, but not loads.

“I’d love to know where he has been.”



Charlie with Andy Richards

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  1. Keep him enclosed in the yard if you must let him out and update his microchip info, he deserves the best looking after.

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