Michi: The Accidental Rescue Kitty

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Photo via the Album Meet Our Michi , Anjellicle Cats Rescue at Facebook


Michi’s story is an accidental rescue and adoption success story. The rescue group that mistakenly ended up with him fell in love with the sweet, handsome tabby, helped him recover from a respiratory condition, and quickly got him adopted into a new home.

Anjellicle Cats Rescue, which operates in NYC and regularly saves death row cats from the NYC ACC, arranged to pull a cat named Mishu from the ACC euthanasia list one day in March. The following day, due to a mixup over similar names, they received the wrong cat. Instead of Mishu, Michi was brought to Anjellicle at a Petco adoption event. Fortunately, Mishu was still alive when the mixup was discovered, and Anjellicle was able to save him, as planned. The group that was supposed to take Michi agreed to let Anjellicle keep him, and after he was treated for URI he was quickly adopted within a few weeks.

Anjellicle wrote at Facebook:

“Michi was found in a hallway in a building in the Bronx. He is nine years old. He was brought to NYCACC where he found himself on the euthanasia list. Michi was “reserved” by a rescue, who pulled three other cats that night as well. Michi was delivered the next day to the Anjellicle Cats adoption event at Petco on 86th Street due to a clerical error. We had reserved a cat called Mishu. Our director immediately noticed the error and the other rescue agreed to pick up Michi the next day.

“In the meantime, Barbara, our cage manager at Petco on 86th Street, who takes amazing care of the cats there, became worried about this friendly and sweet cat’s terrible cold. She took him to the vet. By this time, Barbara was in love. She wanted Michi to become an Anjellicle cat. The other rescue was amenable.”


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