Meet 28-Pound Maine Coon, Samson


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There are big cats, and then there are BIG CATS. Samson is a BIG CAT. Living in New York City with his owner, Jonathan Zurbel, Samson just may be the largest cat in New York City.

Vet Dr. Lisa Lippman confirms that Samson is the largest cat she’s seen, yet. Most cats Dr. Lippman sees are in the 10-pound range. Weighing in a 28 pounds, Samson is more than twice that – but he’s not overweight. Samson’s massive, a common trait in the Maine Coon. At just four years old, Samson is more than four feet long. He’s essentially the size of a small dog.

And Samson does have some dog-like traits. According to Zurbel, he plays a mean game of fetch, and he follows Zurbel from room to room, lying around very much like a dog would.

But Samson’s not wild about a leash. Instead, Zurbel pushes him around in a pet stroller so that he can see the sights.

As you’d imagine, it’s more expensive caring for Samson than it is caring for your average-sized cat. Samson requires grooming every few months to keep his long, fluffy coat looking neat. He also goes through a LOT of cat food – six cans of wet food per day, plus dry food – which quickly adds up.

But is he worth it? We think so – he’s a totally cool cat. And the world seems to agree – you can keep up with Samson on his Instagram page, which currently has more than 11,000 followers.

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  1. I have a 30 lb cat that has broad shoulders and he’s 2 feet 6 inches long with an extra claw on each thumb
    He’s a mix of Maine Coon, Siamese, and Bob Cat. I trained him to ride in a car without being in a carrier. He meow when he wants the window down and stickss his head out the window like a dog.

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