Man Abandons Kitten on Train

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By Karen Harrison Binette

RSPCA Inspector Scott Vanes with Thomas the kitten


CCTV footage captured images of the man who left a kitten in a carrier on a train earlier this month. Thomas, as the kitten has been named,was rescued and is doing well.

A man who boarded a train at the railway station in Sutton Coldfield, UK with a kitten he abandoned there was seen by CCTV cameras in the minutes leading up to his getting on board, and investigators are asking for help in tracking him down.

Four to five month old Thomas – named for Thomas the Tank Engine – was left in the railway carriage in a carrier containing a litter tray, eight packets of food and a large green sweater.

The train traveled for seven stops before a rider found the kitten and realized he was alone. The good Samaritan handed the kitten over to railway staff at Birmingham New Street, who turned him over to the local branch of the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspector Scott Vanes, who helped rescue Thomas, said: “Luckily this cat was found and was unharmed – but it must have been quite scary for him watching so many people get on and off the train and hearing all these strange noises.

“Despite his ordeal Thomas is doing really well, and he is a lovely friendly little fella.

“It is unacceptable to just dump a cat in this way and just expect someone else to deal with it,” Inspector Vanes added.

“I am therefore urging anyone who recognizes this man to get in touch or the man himself to contact me direct.”

The man boarded the train at 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday, August 13. The RSPCA released the CCTV images on August 27 in hopes of finding the man who abandoned Thomas.

The man should be very recognizable to those who know or see him, with what seems like a memorable face, pale white skin and thick, bright, ginger red hair.

Anyone who saw the man with the kitten or who can otherwise identify him is asked to call the RSPCA inspector appeal line at 0300 123 8018. Calls will be confidential.

Hopefully, the attention drawn to the case will help Thomas to find a good,new home.








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