“Luckiest” Kitten in the World is on the Road to Recovery


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Found in the remains of a garden fire, Phoenix was rushed by an RSPCA inspector to get treatment immediately.

According to the UK Mirror, a neighbor heard cries coming from beneath a pile of wood, only tiny paws displayed in the rubble. The heat exposure caused her to lose fur from her ears, paws, toes, and tail, but with great care and multiple treatments a day for her injuries, she is now recovering and active.

Reception supervisor for RSPCA Felledge Luka  Atkinson, said of the foster she took on to make sure she received the round-the-clock care needed, “When Phoenix arrived she was in a really sorry state. She was just six weeks old back then and to see such a tiny kitten that way was really hard for us.”

While there is still a long way to go, he added, “She is such a happy little thing and she eats, plays and loves fuss just like any other kitten…She runs riots with the other kittens at our centre so we are just so happy we gave her a chance and saved her life – she really is the luckiest kitten in Britain.”



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