Look of Constant Surprise Has Made Zelda a Starlet

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By Adrea

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“When introducing Zelda to friends, family and colleagues, they laughed a lot thanks to her amazing facial expressions and unique behaviour, trying to guess what she was thinking of,” Matt Taghioff said of the adorable tuxedo cat with the constant look of surprise he adopted.

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“When I met her at the rescue shelter her ad said ‘don’t be put off by my spooked expression’ and I wasn’t,” he told the Daily Mail. “Her eyes widened as I approached her, but she was so affectionate despite her startled glances. She was the first and only cat I met at the shelter that day.”

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‘The conversation usually ends up about her. She’s definitely curious; she wanders around our home as if it’s all new to her, sniffing everything in her path.”



Follow Zelda and Matt (and see how her captions her next image) on her Twitter (I am Zelda the cat. Hunter of house flies and keeper of string. Easily startled. Fish advocate. Often caught staring.) and Instagram (Curious Zelda) page.

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