“Little Bear” Is Friends With Zoo’s Black Bear

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(Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary)

They call her “Little Bear.” A small but fearless feral cat has made friends with a 550-pound black bear named Sequoia. Together they are the new star attraction at  the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary in California. Zoo keepers say she just showed up  inside the bear exhibit a few months ago, and comes and goes as she pleases, according to a report by ABC affiliate, KXTV.  (Zoo keepers admit they don’t know where the feline  came from or even if the little black cat really is a “she.”)

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“Every morning we scatter dog food for the bears and she started coming into the exhibit and eating the dog food,” senior lead zoo keeper Jill Faust, told KXTV.  “Once she started coming in here on a regular basis we started putting food out for her in the morning as well.”

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(Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary)

“Sequoia walks right by her, she’ll walk right by Sequoia and they’ll stay pretty close to each other,” Faust said. The unusual friendship has made national news, including this report by  UPI. The cat and bear are so close that it makes some visitors nervous. But the two have so far gotten along just fine. This ABC video shows Little Bear and her big brother together at the Folsom Zoo. You can see more at the Facebook page for the zoo.

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