Success: Browser Stays on the Job!

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(Image: White Settlement Library)

Sometimes compassion and common sense win. Browser the library cat will keep his job. The same city council that voted to evict him has changed its mind, due in large part to an outpouring of support. Browser the former shelter cat will not be evicted, according to a report on National Public Radio. “Friday, under an avalanche of complaints,” NPR reported, “the council members decided unanimously that Browser could stay”.

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(mage: John L Mone/AP)

That means Browser will continue to attend weekly GRE classes and sit with children while they read. And his benefactors will not be forced to find another home for him. If you have been following this story, you know that the White Settlement City Council previously voted 2-to1 to force  the library to evict its popular mascot, a move that was not well received by the library board, the public and the town’s mayor.

An online petition was started in support of Browser and people from all over the world took up Browser’s cause after one council member, Steve Ott, was reported as expressing concern about people who might be allergic to cat dander. But according to an Associated Press report, Mayor Ron White believed the cat was unfairly targeted in retaliation when a city worker was denied permission to bring a puppy to city hall. Browser’s thousands of fans are hoping he will soon issue a statement. In the meantime, cat lovers and bibliophiles will rest easier knowing he is on the job.

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