“Leather” from China Includes Dog and Cat Skins


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Beware: those “leather” or “lamb skin” gloves might be made from dog and cat skin imported from China, according to a recent article in The Guardian. Almost all dog and cat leather comes from China, according to the report in The Guardian. The dog leather trade is directly related to the inhumane dog meat industry in China.

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Time and the Daily Express have also written about this cruel practice, which has been the subject of ongoing efforts to end it by the Humane Society International and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and supported by celebrities Ricky Gervais and Joaquin Phoenix.

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The United States banned the importation of dog and cat fur and skin as part of the Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000. “But distinguishing dog and cat leather from cow, sheep and pig leather is no easy matter, making it possible for unscrupulous manufacturers to pass off leather from dogs as leather from legal animals,” the Guardian story explains.

A report by the Congressional Research Service shows  the US imported $8.5 billion in leather articles from China in 2014. “It is unknown how much of each year’s total might be dog or cat leather.”

Another article in One Green Planet calls attention to this problem. “Just because dog leather is created in China, doesn’t mean that is where it stays; products made out of dog leather are sold throughout the world. Chinese leather producers have been known to sell dog leather under the label of “lamb” skin.”

In 2014, Peta exposed the horrifying trade in dog and cat meat and skins. “While [the investigations] shock people internationally, they also shock people in China,” Jason Baker, Peta Asia’s vice-president of international operations, told The Guardian.


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4 thoughts on ““Leather” from China Includes Dog and Cat Skins”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me the Asians so much inhumane sick and cruel practices. It makes me cry l’ve seen so much video footage these crates upon crates stacked on top of each other. Just last week their was a bust 620 cats were saved. The lives these animals have makes me sick. Never any kind love or affection. Their feral probably.

  2. Please can you find out what leather is that shoes and boots from New Chic are made out of? Thank you

  3. This sick kind of sick trade of cat and dog skins from China will be put to a stop. No wonder Trump is getting trades from this country he’s been getting illegal products such as cat and dog skin/leather s.

  4. All animals suffer if they are used for our benefit, not just dogs and cats. How do you know what animal skin your shoes are made of!

  5. It’s disgusting and cruel what a evil world we live in. Breaks your heart to see such cruelty we in flick on animals. How can people be so horrible. Please stop is sick evil trade.

  6. Yes this article helps as it spreads awareness. Personally I think all leather imports from China should be banned. Support local industries. Better still shop PETA


  8. What about the treatment of chickens, pigs, calves etc in western countries. Their treatment is not that much different! There are cruel people in every nation.

  9. All leather comes from animals! Dogs, calves or pigs what is the difference? All animals. Ban all leather!

  10. China’s insane Animal Barbarism has never been a secret and was camouflaged when they rewarded bu the Global Community and given the contract for the Bejing Olympics. They hired PR firms to cover up feeding Live Steer to Tigers in a Tourist Zoo, harvesting Rhino and Elephant tusks, Torturing Bears for Bile, supplying horse penis, dogs, cats, you name it, they eat it, serve it and grind it down to a fine powder for their insane ancient medicines. When confronted with all of this during The Bejing Olympics, the alibis were presented, “While some of those practices still exist in the Provinces but never in our bug Cities.” Bullachitt. They are worse than ever in this regard.

  11. Inhumane, can’t imagine the torment these poor Cats as nf Dogs must go through. Let’s all boycott Chinese meals for a start, mostly aii processed rubbish anyway! They say a Nation is judged on the way they treat Their Animals~ So China , you have been judged, and found GUILTY as an inhumane nation~ Frank Tunbridge

  12. Yes I agree w Frank who says:

    Inhumane, can’t imagine the torment these poor Cats as nf Dogs must go through. Let’s all boycott Chinese meals for a start, mostly aii processed rubbish anyway! They say a Nation is judged on the way they treat Their Animals~ So China , you have been judged, and found GUILTY as an inhumane nation~ Frank Tunbridge

  13. China’s inhumane torture of domesticated pets. Watch the Yulin festival of dog meat trade & then insensitively make another out of context comment such as you have done here. Pigs goats cows and such are NOT electrocuted, skinned alive, blow torched, boiled alive, having their legs tied behind their back while having their skins ripped from their bodies.
    Your comparison is NOT even close to being correct. Eat meat or don’t – do it humanely. Most domesticated animals in China are stolen, caged and tortured. Do a little research.

  14. They always say the dumb ones speak the most, and are typically loudest. This is certainly the case with you, Michelle.

  15. it’s like wearing my own cat I can’t even this is undoubtedly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard

  16. sharon you HAVEN’T got a CLUE what you are talking about !!!!!!
    only fools talk about things they no nothing of.
    trump is making it more DIFFICULT for china by raising tax on imported goods from china.

  17. China sells things on eBay by using American addresses to fool customers and they give Ebay American addresses to make them think it is an American seller. They know we don’t want their poorly made clothing. You find out when the package comes from China.

  18. I personally am Boycotting China and or any of the other asian countries that are involved in this barbaric, horrific, brutality of these dear innocent dogs and cats. I am appalled by the horrific videos that have gone viral, and it should go viral to expose China and all the other asian countries that are involved in this nightmare for the pets, I’ve seen firsthand dogs/cats owned or not, Purebred or mixed Breeds, Boiled Alive, Skinned Alive, Fire Blown Torched Alive, and the Blood Curdling Screams from these poor helpless pets is something I will never forget!!!! But what ENRAGES me the most, are their Captors Laughing at the torment they are putting these animals through. The Asian people have alot of superstitions, they think that tormenting an animal makes the meat tastier amongst other STUPID ideas they have. Petitioning, Donating, Adopting these animals from reputable non profit organizations such as the International Humane Society is the best route to go.. There are NO laws in these countries such as the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT!!! Get the Word out about China and all the others that participate in this Ordeal, Let it be known this is Not Acceptable and we will Not Tolerate this Torment.

  19. Their treatment is very different and where it is know to be inhumane it is highlighted and people are charged with animal cruelty. The problem is people consider themselves a higher intelligence however looking at the state of the world, I have my doubts

  20. When the animals run out, when China has brought species to extinction, when we lose our precious animal species across the world because of the cruelty and selfishness of the Chinese, will we then act? What will happen then? Will the Chinese eat each other?

  21. I totally agree with you. JUST BE HUMANE, right? And that includes not stealing beloved domestic pets for a buck from your own mother, brother, sister, best friend…. There seems to be no limits in Asia.

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