Klepto Kitty – True Life Cat Burglar

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By Adrea

Bella, a real-honest-to-goodness cat burglar, sits atop some of her loot. (Photo: Global News)

If you ever wondered where that one sock went missing, it may be attributed to feline theft.  A cat burglar, to be exact. At least if you are living in the vicinity of one man and his cat that has a penchant for taking things.

Bella is, no pun intended, although it works here, a cat burglar

Shawn Bell has had Bella for ten years. Like most cats, the long-haired smokey gray feline spends most nights out and about in the neighborhood and most days sleeping. Sounds like a fairly normal cat existence, but Bella is one cat that has a love of crime.

“Hope she does cut it out, sometime. It is cute,”   Bell told Global News. “But, I don’t want her stealing people’s stuff.”  In fact, if there were any question as to Bella’s habits, modern technology has been able to provide clear evidence.  Seems even the sneakiest feline burglar can’t escape being caught on surveillance video.


Burglar with selective taste

Bell has quite the collection of items his girl has brought back to her stash.  T-shirts. Toddler’s clothing. Socks. And while Bella does appear to regular patterns, she also has seems choosy when it comes to what she takes.  Women’s and girl’s clothing with a particular affinity for designer labels. This take the term “glamour puss” to a while new level.



Kleptomania not exclusive to Bella

Bella may have a greater aptitude for a life of crime than other felines, but she is certainly not alone.  Check out this video compilation that has caught other cat burglars “red-pawed,” so to speak.

Some of these cats and kittens are downright bold, stealing candy, wallets, toys cars, money, even the sock right off a baby. And who doesn’t like jerky? Hardened criminals, one and all, but how can you not absolutely love them?

The answer to that old-age question

Perhaps Bella and her co-harts, through their shenanigans, have given all of us a little insight as to where that “other sock” went. Next time it happens, check the cat’s bed.

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