Kittify Website Translates Your Speech Into Cat Puns

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By Paige

Image source: Gabriela Dubal via
Image source: Gabriela Dubal via

Want to drive your friends crazy? Talk only in cat puns. Don’t worry, there’s now a website for that, and it’s called Kittify.

Kittify translates anything that you type into cat puns. “I’ve got the perfect idea for dinner plans tonight” becomes “I’ve cat the purrfect idea fur dinnepurr pawlans tonight” when subjected to the website’s magic. Some phrases aren’t changed at all, so it takes a little fiddling before you can get the site to work. Want to get results fast? Enter a lot of text, or use longer sentences. If you need a fast way to translate your emails, memes, and captions, Kittify can quickly add cat puns.

So what’s the purpose behind Kittify? It’s fun. Check it out and see what you can come up with. And before you email your dog-loving friend, take the time to Kittify your text to truly get a reaction.

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