Kitten’s Close Call at Car Wash Has Happy Ending

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By Samme

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(Naples Cat Alliance)

A car wash is no place for a kitten, but this one was rescued after he dove from the wheel well of a car getting blasted with soap.

Suds, as he was soon named, was rescued by Matthew Bossi, assistant manager of the Ultimate Express Car Wash in Naples, Florida, who saw the little fellow leap from the car. Apparently the 6-week old white kitten had stowed away in the car’s wheel well, and was taken for a ride, then panicked when the automobile drove through the car wash.

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A surveillance video of the incident posted by Naples Cat Alliance has been viewed more than 7,000 times. Luckily for Suds, he was brought to the nationally-known cat rescue organization based in Naples, Florida. ¬†Here’s a link to their Facebook page where you can see updates on Suds’s progress.

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(Naples Cat Alliance)

He was dried off and given some veterinary attention before being placed in a foster home where he will presumably not have to hide in a car wheel wells to stay warm.

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(Naples Cat Alliance)





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