Kitten with ‘Zombie’ Eyes Can Now See

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By Samme

(Cats Cradle Shelter Facebook)

File it under every day miracles. Although his eyes may always be a bit zombie-ish, Itsy the kitten has some visual impairment, but he’s doing great, thanks to Cat’s Cradle Shelter.

Itsy was suffering from a severe Chlamydia infection or Pink Eyes when he was rescued from a local pound and put into medical foster care by Cats Cradle Shelter of Fargo, North Dakota. Here’s what he looked like when he first arrived.

(Cats Cradle Shelter Facebook)

Thanks to antibiotics and lots of TLC, a recent post on Cat’s Cradle Facebook page reports that he’s much improved. “It may not be obvious, but his eyes aren’t bothering him at all. According to his foster mom, ‘His eyes look a little zombie ish.’ He does have some visual impairment and his eyes will likely always look this way, but he is happy and healthy otherwise. The doctor doesn’t recommend surgery as long as they aren’t bothering him.”

He enjoys playing with his puppy pal in his foster home, and is now available for adoption.

(Cats Cradle Facebook)


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