Giselle the Blind Munchkin Cat Now Has Potential Adopters All Over the World

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When Giselle was surrendered to the MSPCA, it quickly became apparent that she would need a very special home. Giselle suffers from a genetic mutation which causes her to stay very small in size. Additionally, she is blind, suffers from nerve pain, and has various medical requirements.

The MSPCA quickly realized that Giselle would need a special home able to meet her needs. So, they set out to get Giselle some publicity. Many news outlets wrote about Giselle, including Life With Cats. Additionally, the MSPCA created an Instagram account to chronicle Giselle’s treatment and recovery.

Their efforts worked; Giselle now has adoption offers from all over the world. So far the MSPCA has received offers from 20 different states, Canada, and even Australia.

Giselle is still recovering from a lung infection, so it will be a little while before she goes to her new home. However, thanks to cat lovers all over the world, Giselle will certainly find that perfect home that she so needs.

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