Kitten Update: Bottle-Baby Cal Getting Better Thanks to Help


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Tiny Cal is on the road to recovery, thanks to the many kind people who donated to his cause.  When we first met this adorable kitten, Angelica, Founder and President of Chicago Animal Advocates, shared the precious little guy was having issues urinating, but just updated us with the following:


He blocked again on the 5th so I brought him in on the 6th. Dr Jackson at MedVet Chicago thought it was best to open him up and see what was going on and do the PU (Perineal Urethrostomy) if needed. When they had him under and opened him up they were able to get a catheter in him. So no problem which was amazing news.
It’s been over a week and everything looks to be healing well! He’s much more active and playful since his surgery. He did not like his confinement/restricted activity period. Had a lot to say about that LOL. Loves to cause trouble now, and pester his foster’s older cats. The first few days, every time he would pee he had this satisfied of himself look, and he would prance about. It was adorable.
Cal is NOT a fan of Christmas photos with his foster mom. (All photos by Dog in the House)                                              


So now we just have to monitor as he grows to make sure no other issues arise, but we have good faith this is the end of his troubles. The less invasive procedure was much cheaper than a PU. We had to scrap together the total cost, but with the kindness of so many friends, family and strangers we were able to cover it all. We were about a month ahead of when we were planning on surgery, it was so heartwarming to see so many people aid us on the day of his procedure. We can’t thank them enough, they have given Cal an opportunity to live a normal life. And he is definitely appreciative of it.
And Chicago Animal Advocates has some additional wishes for the holidays.  They are focusing on replenishing their bottle baby kitten supplies. “We do take on a number of them (we expect our intake numbers to rise significantly this in the new year with the new fosters we have) and kitten season is only a few months away. The less we can spend on supplies the more we can help kittens, like Cal, that come into our care,” Angelica shared. They are in great need for KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer), as Angelica says, “these tiny monsters can eat quite a bit!”
Also very high in their wish list is an incubator.  With so many of the little ones they receive being sick or underweight, being able to obtain one this winter would be extremely beneficial.  Check out their  Amazon Christmas list of items by clicking this link.
Stay up to date on Cal and all the happening at Chicago Animal Advocates via this link.


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