Kitten survives 5 days trapped in cinder block wall

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By Karen Harrison Binette



No one believed her when Lynn Kuschke said she heard a kitten meowing for help in her Denver, CO office, until days later when her husband found the kitten, who’d been trapped in a basement wall.

Lynn was convinced she heard a kitten crying from somewhere in her office beginning last Monday, but no one else, including her retired police officer husband, heard the kitten’s meows.

Lynn and her husband searched the bilding’s basement using flashlights and their phones but there was no trace of a kitten to be found.

Lynn also crawled around on her office floor calling for the kitten, hoping for a pinpointed response.

Friday morning, Lynn was meeting with clients out of the office when she received a series of frantic calls from her husband. He’d found the mystery kitten down in the basement, and the little one was covered in dust and dirt.

Lynn is in the process of remodeling the basement, and she told KUSA Channel 9 News the kitten must have gotten into the new cinder block wall from a small hole outside. She told Channel 9 on Friday that she had cleaned up the little kitten, gave it some kitten formula and a comfy bed, and would take it to a vet for a checkup when she finished with work for the day.

Lynn says she wold not otherwise have named the kitten cinder but she felt that circumstances had dictated that as the kitten’s name.






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