Kitten Nanny Is Dream Job for Pit Rescued From Vick Dog Fighting Ring

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A gentle Pit Bull rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring is now a family dog whose dream job is being a kitten nanny.

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“The last thing Cherry wanted to do was fight,” says Paul Fiaccone, Cherry’s owner, who adopted the Pit Bull nine years ago and spoke to Bark Post about Cherry’s new life. “Cherry just loves his kittens. He has two cats now and he loves to play with them,” he told Bark Post in this YouTube video. “Every time he’s around kittens, it’s like all the stress goes away. He would definitely love to be a kitty nanny for a day.”

This moving video tells the story of Cherry Garcia, one of more than 50 dogs rescued in 2007 from a dog fighting and gambling operation run by NFL quarterback Michael Vick. Best Friends Animal Society of Utah stepped forward and took 22 of the dogs, including Cherry. All were the victims of Vick’s cruelty and deserved a second chance and rehabilitation. Fiaccone adopted Cherry and began giving him the love and attention he deserved.

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Cherry used to be so fearful that he was afraid to walk or be touched. Now he’s a beloved family member and a community ambassador for his breed and a spokes-dog against dog fighting. As a special reward, he was given a chance to hang out with some new kitten friends in a cuddle tent. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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  1. God love them all for saving these dear souls from than waste of flesh Vick!. This family is truly dear and it’s obvious how much they love Cherry. What a wonderful video. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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