Kitten Crashes News Report and Endears Herself to Millions

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By Adrea

Lucky 7

The kitten dubbed “Lucky Seven,” by WXYZ-TV reporter Nima Shaffe, stole the show last year, but she probably wound up saving her own life.  During kitten season, this story serves as a good reminder to have pets spayed and neutered.

The tiny little thing was relentless, not leaving the reporter or cameraman alone, mewing constantly while vying for their attention.

Finally caught, Lucky Seven went to the Humane Society of Huron Valley where after she had seen the veterinarian to get checked out and cleaned up, vaccinated and treated for worms and parasites, she was sent off to a loving foster home. Tanya Hilgendorf, President and CEO of the organization, said that an orphan kitten often doesn’t stand much of a chance, so Lucky Seven was, indeed, very lucky.

A follow-up story shared that Lucky Seven was doing well and getting close to being ready to be adopted. We wish you all the best, Lucky Seven!

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