Kit Kardashian: Cat with big bum reminds her caregivers of the famous Kim


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By Karen Harrison Binette


A homeless cat has been dubbed ‘Kit Kardashian’ – after American socialite and reality star Kim Kardashian – because of her very large rear end.

Nine-year-old Kit, whose original name is Phoebe, is in foster care with the UK animal charity Blue Cross while waiting to find a new home after her owner sadly died.

The sadly displaced cat does not just have a huge derriere and bottom end, though. While her broad bum reminds everyone of the famous Kim Phoebe is generally overweight and struggles to get around.

Phoebe is in foster care with Blue Cross volunteer Belinda Smith at her home in Cobham.

Belinda says Phoebe/Kit “struggles” to move but has a “pretty face,” adding:

“I have been looking after her for two weeks now. A lady from Blue Cross brought her over to my home and when she came out of her cage I said ‘Oh my goodness, she’s a big girl’.

“A colleague had already come up with the name ‘Kit Kardashian’ after Kim’s famous bottom – there is a striking resemblance.

“I have two other cats here but ‘Kit’ weighs 8.4kg (about 18.5 pounds) – which is more than the other cats put together.

“She was originally named Phoebe, but everyone seems to prefer the name ‘Kit Kardashian’.

“I hope we are able to find her a home. She tries to run around but struggles.

“But she has got such a pretty face and is such a lovely cat, I’m sure she’d make a new owner very happy.”

Phoebe/Kit’s new owner will have to keep her on a special diet plan to help her to lose weight.



Her adoption listing notes that her caregivers have “put me on a weight reducing diet to help me feel more comfortable – it’s not what I’ve been used too but I feel much better for it already and have been learning how to play so that I exercise too. My foster carer tries to take my mind off my food by playing with me and stroking and combing me – all of which I love! I am looking forward to finding a new home, with an owner who will continue to help me reduce my weight. I would probably be better if I lived as an only cat as this is what I have been used to, and also it would mean that there wouldn’t be any other food around for me to help myself too.”

Blue Cross posted this short video with Phoebe/Kit getting some exercise playing with a wand toy:


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  1. i dearly hope that diet plan is pure and natural ie only raw meat and bones and NO DRIED OR CANNED junk.

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