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By Karen Harrison Binette

Vancouver BC cat Jafari Jameson Underfoot aka JJ is enjoying an enhanced measure of fame these days.

JJ is a well known cat-about-town in Vancouver, where he is often seen walking or jogging on the leash with petdads Christopher Weeks and Rick Bellairs. JJ gets around even more, as he visits area homes and properties when he goes along on the job for his parents’ landscaping business. He loves to ride in vehicles, go for walks, and jog with his peeps in Stanley Park. His favorite activity is trail running in the rain forest.

He is also a compellingly handsome photographer’s model to petdad Christopher Weeks, who is branching out with a pet portraits business.

Now JJ’s fame is spreading. The Vancouver Sun has published a profile on the striking and talented Ruddy Abyssinian, with emphasis on his appealing demeanor, doglike training and enjoyment of the leash and being out in public.

Here’s a short video of  JJ taking Chris and Rick for a jog. The two men get their exercise trying to keep up with the cat.


The Abyssinian breed is known for doglike characteristics and abilities, and JJ illustrates the point to perfection.  In a perfect mix of nature and nurture, JJ’s petdads visited him from the time he was a tiny kitten, to establish a strong bond with him before he was old enough to be rehomed.  He was trained from an early age in a loving and positive manner.

Chris is quoted in the Vancouver Sun saying “People who research cats say the first 12 weeks of life are important for you to be able to show the cat you’re safe and trustworthy. When you take the time to negotiate the rules you can get a very deep inter-relationship established [with your cat].” He describes JJ as “most diplomatic, polite cat I’ve ever met”. For the informative full article in the Sun, see For jogging Vancouver cat, life’s a jog in the park.

Doglike training, maybe, but JJ’s all cat. Here he is in a classic cat-in-bag pose.

From the descriptions we’ve received, JJ the cat is more civilized in his actions and more calmly well-behaved than many dogs, and most of today’s children.

You can learn more about this special cat and see more of his gorgeous photos by visiting his new Facebook fan page, Jafari. He’d appreciate a few “likes” at the page, if you’d care to follow him there. Check out his photos if you visit the page.

JJ gives his personal interests, at his brand new fan page, as: “Walking, hiking, landscaping, exploring the rain forest and seaside, bird watching, afternoon latte of steamed milk, yoga, raw meat diet, stalking the butter knife when no one’s looking, taking long naps in the warm sunlight streaming through windows.”

‘Sounds like this beautiful cat is living the good life.

We hope you enjoyed seeing a few of JJ’s photos. We were blown away by them and give a big thanks to Chris Weeks for allowing us to share a few of them here.

At Vancouver’s Stanley Park rain forest.

Photos copyright Christopher Weeks, with all rights reserved. Used herein by special permission.

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  1. been taking my 8 year old adoptee out for walks and she mostly loves it! she just likes being outdoors….

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