It’s Wedding Day…For Two Cats!

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William and Kate who? Today, a bar in East London is hosting a wedding for two cats!

Flossie Parson, cat-loving owner of The Nag’s Head in Walthamstow, says, “Cats are really part of our pub. We say to our customers you can’t come in unless you are a cat lover – most of them are.” Of course she is only half-joking. The Nag’s Head is covered in cat decor and felines are invited to roam and frolic freely in the pub. She just knew it was the perfect locale for a tongue-in-cheek wedding between her cat Billie and the neighbor’s cat Harvey.

Although the marriage is obviously arranged, Parson says the cats have known each other since they were kittens. “They are always together, they run around up and down the trees in the garden chasing each other,” she said.

The wedding party will include four other cats, a dog named Stanley (best man), and the wait staff will double as bridesmaids. Parson designed special t-shirts for the event, and even redesigned the royal wedding flag, replacing Kate and William’s faces with Billie and Harvey.

Music? Of course! The DJ (Billie’s Auntie Maurine) will feature songs from The Stray Cats, Cat Stevens, and selections from The Lion King. “As the cat’s aunty, that’s my wedding gift to the beasts,” she joked.

Although the wedding will be a private ceremony, Parson says, “We will open the reception officially to anyone and everyone, cats, dogs and humans, with a wedding march, cutting of the cake and a speech by the bride’s mother.”

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