“I don’t Miss Her, But I Miss You”: Craigslist Letter To An Ex’s Cat

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“I don’t miss her, but I miss you.” So begins an open letter from a few years ago posted on the Seattle Craigslist, to an ex-girlfriend’s cat, two years after the breakup.

The following letter from a man to an ex-girlfriend’s cat was posted on Craigslist Seattle in May of 2007.  We thought in light of this week’s popular listing where an Austin TX man offered his girlfriend free to a good home after she gave him an ultimatum to give away his cat, that this wonderful and touching letter bears reading.

The text below is the actual Craigslist post:

To my Ex-GF’s Cat

I don’t miss her, but I miss you. You are the only cat I ever liked…and I think you liked me as I’m the only person you let pick up and walk around with.

Sure, you were crabby, sounded like a rusty can when you were meowing, would ignore the laser pointer and got pissed at me when I needed to work and not pet you. Oh sure, you’d complain and make me feel bad for feeding you the same thing and at the same time as her other 2 cats, but did you notice I’d always slip you a piece of meat from my dinner plate?

I know you were old and stairs were not as easy as they used to be, so I was always secretly glad and flattered to hear your voice by the bedroom door when I’d stay over.

I know her kids liked the other animals in the house more then you, and I’m sorry, but I liked you better then her kids anyway.

And yes, I know you watched me walk away that last time I left; I knew I wouldn’t be coming back so I hope you found that catnip mouse I left in your secret hiding spot…you deserved 1 last rush in your old age.


I’m not sure if you are even still alive as I haven’t been by the house since March of 05, but I hope that you are happy, warm and still catching the beam of sunlight in your favorite spot.


Anyway, just wanted you to know that you were the only cool cat I’ve ever known and that I miss you.

Link to post: To my Ex-GF’s Cat


So, maybe he’s not a total cat guy, but he’s pretty cool in our book.

Photo, Flickr Creative Commons: by creatingkoan

0 thoughts on ““I don’t Miss Her, But I Miss You”: Craigslist Letter To An Ex’s Cat”

  1. What a wonderful letter!! Both humorous and touching at the same time. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  2. To Darlene Sanders Harris (above poster)…….

    Really, you’d like to date the guy who wrote that? Why? I’m not asking to be mean….just wondering.

  3. To Robert,
    To hear this guy love the old man, the underdog (so to speak), the one that no one else had time for… it just pulled at my heart. I love cats and see all the time where they get the crappy end of the deal. I’d love to date someone who rooted for the forgotten ones as much as I do 🙂

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