Hurricane Sandy Animal Rescuers Save Hoarders Cats

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James Guiliani tells the unvarnished story of the rescue of a Staten Island hoarder’s surviving cats after Hurricane Sandy. About half of the cats, sadly, did not survive the storm surge flooding; the others were rescued after being in the house for some time afterward.

Guiliani, of Diamond Collar Doggie Boutique and Salon and Dr. Michael Arpino of Boulevard Veterinary Group cleaned the cats up and treated them for fleas and dermatitis and anemia, and Dr. Arpino began his examination and testing of the animals.

The cats are still legally owned by their elderly guardian, but will be placed in foster care as the effort is made to free them up for adoption.

The 17 surviving cats went through a terrible experience because of the storm, but are now getting the care they need to rehabilitate them from the conditions they were held in before the natural disaster spurred their rescue. Though suffering the effects of the hoarding situation, the cats are described as being friendly.

The hoarder’s cats were saved by Guardians of Rescue, who are actively involved in daily fieldwork helping pets affected by the disaster. James Guiliani has volunteered his services to many pets who needed to be cleaned up after their rescues.

Note: While there is no disturbing video footage, the drowning death of some of the hoarder’s cats is bluntly acknowledged by Mr. Guiliani in his matter-of-fact telling of the story.


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