Hannah Shaw Rescues Tiny Kittens and Loves It


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Source: Kitten Lady
Source: Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw of Philadelphia never imagined that she’d rescue kittens, let alone that she’d do it as a job. But when Shaw found a kitten stuck in a tree, she knew she had to take action. And that day changed her life.

Shaw climbed up the tree and rescued the kitten whom she named Coco. Coco was so young that he needed special care, but Shaw found only limited resources available for the little kitten. She raised and kept Coco, but also knew that there were many other kittens in need of help.

Source: Kitten Lady
Source: Kitten Lady

About two weeks after Shaw found Coco in a tree, she found another kitten named Rufus, also stuck in a tree. Then there was Zeke, who Shaw took in a month later. Zeke was much younger than the other two kittens, and was only 3 or 4 days old when Shaw’s friend discovered him. Shaw was called in and researched how to care for such a young kitten online.

Shaw was working in public school at the time, and would sneak Zeke in with her so she could feed him throughout the day. Eventually Zeke began to join in on classroom events, even going on a field trip to a museum.

Source: Kitten Lady
Source: Kitten Lady

Shaw successfully cared for Zeke and adopted him out when he was eight weeks old. She knew that other kittens needed the same care, and set out to help as many kittens as she could.

Today Shaw fosters kittens, speaks to the media and to animal shelters about resources, and runs educational programs. Her rescue, Kitten Lady, has saved the lives of countless young kittens. Be sure to visit the rescue’s website to learn more!

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  1. Thank you for saving these babies in need. You are truly an angel. I wish you much luck, health, and happiness with your saving and the same with your furkids.

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