In situations, such as this, a plethora of questions to come to mind. It would be frightening for any pet owner who is trying to locate their animal to have such a confrontation. How someone reacts and responds depends on a variety of issues, including the immediate circumstances and the relationship of the individuals involved. Granted, gathering information from a report from a single party will only show one side of the story, but it does make one wonder, as did one individual who commented on the Herald Courier website in response to the article, who bears what responsibility.

“That seems like a severe reaction to the guy seeking his cat. Why isn’t the party that promised to kill his cats being confronted for his part? Isn’t it illegal to kill pets in most states? Hendricks cats are part of his family. If someone tells me they’re going to kill my family, I’m going to do what I can to defend them. I would probably feel powerless with few options, being told I can’t look for my cat and that the guy is going to kill him/her. We need to use mediation more often.
Really good use of tax payer money. Reform needed.”