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By Karen Harrison Binette

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A unique looking Snowshoe cat with physical anomalies is the latest internet sensation, as her videos and photos have gone viral. It all started less than a week ago when Tabatha Bundesen posted her cat’s photo to Reddit with the title Grumpy Cat. Tardar aka Tard aka Tartar Sauce has a downturned mouth that Tabatha attributes to an underbite. She also appears to frown. Tardar has an unusual walk that has caused commenters to suggest that she may have dwarfism or a mild case of CH. Some have drawn comparisons between Tardar and Lil Bub.

As to Tardar’s actual mood, Tabatha told a reporter, “Tardar is not as coordinated as a normal cat, so she is likely a little angry about that. I think she likes to be held and petted some times, but being the pet of a 10 year old could make anyone grumpy.” Tarder is the special pet of Tabatha’s daughter Chyrstal.

Although Tardar looks like a Showshoe kitty, a calico cat whose photo is included in the slideshow below is said to be her mother.





Note: The slideshow with a few more photos than are seen above may be temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance at its host site Imgur. You can check back later if it’s down.

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  1. Also I agree with Diana and Julie. The cat needs much more love and I think she doesn´t like it so much always to get touched on her belly. I hope this fun was only for the video and your cat has a good life. Your child must learn to show consideration for your lovely cat. I hope my English is correct.

  2. I was thinking, if it hasn’t already been done, take the kitty for some neurological tests and maybe it needs a little kitty antidepressants….Or maybe, this is just normal for the kitty, “Tartar Sauce”. I would not label Tartar “Grumpy”…It is cute for a minute, however, if we were labeling you all the time, I know you would not like it either. Tartar Sauce is a sweet kitty….<3 If Tarter Sauce is sick, or disabled, that would mean that you were exploiting the cat for your own glory! It just isn't feeling right to me, but it is only one person's opinion.

  3. I love grumpy cat. My last cat had an underbite and grumpy persona (very sweet with me, though 🙂 ), and she reminds me of him I hope she has a happy and heathy life with her people 🙂

  4. Kitty Anti-depressants, are you kidding me?! The cat looks healthy, if it were as depressed as you people seem to think it is do you really think it would take care of itself?

  5. That is the coolest cat ever. Everytime I come across his pic with different captions on it I laugh laugh laugh. Awesome.

  6. Tardar’s eyes reveal, “she is NOT very happy”, in fact… seems to be sad. She is a very lovely spirit though, I’d be proud to own her too… Thanks for sharing ♥ =D

  7. The cat isn’t bloody sad LOL Cat’s don’t actually have sadfaces , you weirdos!!! The Cat has a facial deformity!

  8. I foster for the RSPCA and when a cat is depressed, it most often neglects it’s fur first. This cat is fine. It has a facial deformity.

  9. I’ve heard it’s unusual for a cat to allow anyone to be touching it’s belly. If a cat allows this, it’s trusting someone at a very high level.

  10. “Grumpy cat,” otherwise known as Tardersauce, has a rare condition called feline dwarfism and a severe underbite… He is in no more pain than a human with dwarfism, and to be honest I think he’s adorable.
    ♡(•^ w^•)♡

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