Goal Kitty Is Pawsitively Wonderful


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Goal Kitty may have been put on the planet just to make us happy. Or maybe she really is an alien communing with the mother ship. Either way, she’s pretty wonderful.

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(Goal Kitty/Instagram)

Goal kitty’s real name is Keys, and she has her own Facebook page, Instagram account and thousands of followers. And she likes to say things like, “Woohoo it’s Friday!” and “Happy Caturday!”

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(Goal Kitty/Instagram)

She also has a cat companion named Goose who seems much more cat like and a bit puzzled by Goal Kitty’s joie de vivre. She lives in California with cat dad, Peter Mares, a fourth grade teacher. But he said he didn’t teach her to put her paws in the air. She just started doing this one day and he started taking pictures. No one really knows why Keys likes to reach for the sky, which is part of her mystery.

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(Goal Kitty/Instagram)

Sometimes she makes funny faces. But mostly she just makes humans smile.

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(Goal Kitty/Instagram)

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