Give Those Cats A Job! Amazing Feral to Farm Program


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Giving feral and stray cats an opportunity to become productive barn cats is the goal of SpokAnimal Animal Shelter, Spokane WA (Photo: SpokAnimal )


















SpokAnimal is giving their rescues an important task.  No cages for these guys.  Instead of being left inside concrete walls, subjected to countless adoption fairs, and, sadly, the real possibility of being euthanized, this outstanding organization is taking stray and feral cats and giving them a purpose.

Watch this powerful documentary presented by Greater Good and Spokanimal Animal Shelter.  This is smart.  This is the right thing to do.  And it aligns with an important initiative by another group, Living Free Animal Sanctuary; Almost Home 2020.  Their primary objective is to see all shelters in the US become no-kill shelters by 2020 and a large part of that is making shelter and rescue animals visible through innovative, creative methods and highlighting their adoptability.


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  1. I think this is such a wonderful idea and I’d love more information on how to start something like this in my local area.

  2. We live in Port Washington NY. We have been sheltering and feeding 3 beautful feral cats,[ neutered], we are thinking of moving and cannot take them with use., Please can you advise us,

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