Ginger Cat Takes Up Residence in King’s College London Student Halls

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By Paige

Nandos 2

There’s a new resident in the student halls of King’s College London at Stamford Street, and he has four paws and ginger colored fur. He’s been living in the student halls since October, and no one’s sure just where the cat came from.

The cat was originally spotted by students Andy Ab Butler and Chloe Fasel. The students were walking home and were passing the nearby restaurant Nando’s at the time. The cat followed them back to the student halls, where they dried him off and gave him some food. They named him Nando’s, after the restaurant, and brought him back to the restaurant, thinking that he was likely someone’s pet.

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Nando’s clearly preferred the student halls, though, as later that night, the students heard him meowing out in the courtyard. Now, Nando’s makes the student halls his home, eating meals which students provide him. Students have bought cat food for him and have made him beds. He’s always given a steady supply of cardboard boxes to play with, and regularly visits with the different students in the flat. Nando’s is described as being very friendly and affectionate, and it’s clear that the students enjoy this new member of the student hall.

No one seems to be able to agree on his name, though. Some students misheard the name “Nando’s,” hearing “Nachos” instead. Others make up their own names for the cat, but Nando’s doesn’t seem to mind.

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It’s unclear just what will happen with Nando’s in the future, but for now, the cat is living up life with his new student buddies.

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