Funny Instagram Guy and Cats Recreate Iconic Movie Moments

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By Samme


Recreating Hollywood’s greatest moments with cats as the stand-in stars takes silly to a whole new level. It’s called Moviecats, brought to you by a fun-loving couple with two cats named Willow and Tara.

Moviecats is the Instagram brainchild of Sarah, 23, and David, 30, of Notts, UK, according to Ellen Scott of


Sarah told that David was inspired to use a photograph of one of their cats posing as ET in the film. “It went down really well,’ Sarah told “And we had a lot of fun doing it, so we thought we’d share our creations on the internet!”

Since then, Sarah and David have recreated scenes from Ghost, Alien, The Shining and even American Beauty, starring this natural glamor puss.


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