From Sweden: Princess Aurora Purr!

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Aurora Purr is a princess to the core, but she also likes to nibble on a blade of grass and doesn’t mind being photographed without her jewels.

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“She knows she is beautiful, at least that’s what her manners imply,” her owners Emily and Niklas, who live in Sweden, told Bored Panda. “It’s her way or no way basically.” Sounds like most cats, no?

Her Instagram account notes that she is a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll. “She enjoys doing what most royalties do: Eat, sleep and being pampered.”

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(@aurorapurr/Cats of Instagram)

Her humans claims that “Aurora is a very smart and lovable kitty. We joke around a lot in our posts about how she sees her humans as servants but in reality, she gives us the same love a dog does, which can be rare for a cat.”

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And she looks fabulous either au natural or ready for the ball.


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Did we mention she has 84,000 followers on Instagram?


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