Flower Survives BB Gun Wound; Bonds With New BF


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Flower is a rather delicate name for such a tough cat. Hit by a car and wounded by a BB gun, he was in bad shape when he was discovered by a field worker for PETA, who took him to the shelter for some serious medical care.

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To look at him now, you would never guess the hard times he’s been through.

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Apparently Flower’s previous owner left him outside and didn’t care about him, according to this PETA video. But his run of back luck ended when a gentle little girl named Hannah went to the PETA shelter, took one look at him and fell in love. Now the gray-and-white cat with green eyes has a green collar to match and a safe, loving home.

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Now he stays indoors and plays with his new best friend, Hannah.  “He came from the shelter because he didn’t have a home. Some dogs and cats don’t have homes,” Hannah explains in this short and sweet video with a message at  the end. If you want to keep your cats safe, keep them inside.

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