Florida Highway Patrol trooper adopts kitten thrown from car

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By Karen Harrison Binette


The Florida Highway Patrol says a sergeant is adopting a kitten that was thrown out of a car Monday and handed over to FHP troopers.

A trooper was on a traffic stop at International Speedway Boulevard in Deland when a man in a van pulled off the road and ran up to the trooper carrying a black kitten he said had been thrown from a car.

The trooper took the kitten and called animal services, but they didn’t answer the call. Sgt. Bob Leatherow and his wife had been looking for a kitten to adopt, so they decided they had found the kitten they were looking for and adopted the rescued kitten.

The Florida Highway Patrol wrote at Facebook Tuesday, saying: “Sgt. Leatherow adopted this kitten after it was thrown out of a vehicle in Volusia County last night, May 4. A trooper was on a traffic stop when a passerby came up to his patrol car and told him that he rescued the kitten out of the road after someone threw him out of a car. Sgt. Leatherow was in the area and decided to take the kitten home. A visit to the vet this morning gave the kitten, Jango (may the fourth be with you), a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, there is no information on the person who abandoned the kitten.”

Sgt. Leatherow holds the kitten


WKMG reported on the story:

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