Firefighters Rescue Cat With Paw Stuck In Sink Drain

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Cats get themselves into the strangest predicaments. Such was the case when Kot Bayun, a Siberian forest cat, got his back right paw stuck in the drain of a sink around 9:30 pm one evening. The eight-month-old cat started to cry out in pain and panicked. His owner, Anna Alcock, managed to unscrew a part of the drain, but couldn’t remove Kot Bayun’s paw from the drain cap. Her two daughters were distressed by the situation, and Alcock called emergency services for help.

Luckily for all involved, firefighters arrived at the Alcock home just before 10:30 pm. They tried all sorts of methods to free Kot Bayun, including using pliers and scissors. The cat’s paw had swollen, though, which made the task a challenge. The firefighters persisted and, after a half hour of work, they managed to free Kot Bayun’s paw without causing any injury to the lucky cat.

Hopefully Kot Bayun will be a bit more careful about climbing in and around sinks from now on. The cat loves to get into the bathtub, but may decide to stay far from drains after this incident.

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